Cultural commitment

Songs and myths of the Loulanguistes

Neno supports the committed musician Thomas Lusango in recording songs and legends of traditional musicians in the east of the DR Congo named “Loulanguistes” . The objective is to preserve and revive this cultural asset. Similar to the griots of West Africa, traditional musicians in Congo have played an important role in the past for the social cohesion and peaceful coexistence. Today, their societal importance is being lost, a process that is accelerated by the armed conflict. With the support of several Neno members, who are also artists themselves, Thomas will record their songs, make them available to the public on a website and play them on the radio.

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Thomas Lusango while recording. Loulanguistes in Kivu.


Support for the Congolese guitar maker Zacar in marketing

Zacar taught himself how to make guitars, and now runs a workshop with several employees. His handmade instruments are appreciated by his customers because of their high quality. International interest speaks to the exceeding precision of the sound. Neno supports Zacar commercializing his guitars on the internet and through the creation of flyers and posters, so he can maintain or even expand his shop.

Production process of a guitar in Zacar’s shop (above), Bukavu/DRC, June 2016


Transcribing and publishing traditional Congolese legends

Ntambouka is a Congolese poet. Beside his own writings, he collects sagas and traditional stories from the Congo. These have usually been passed down orally for generations. Through the change of society, the tradition of story-telling is disappearing. Neno is helping Ntambouka to edit and publish the collected stories to preserve this cultural heritage for posterity.

The writer Ntambouka at a personal meeting in Bukavu/DR Congo (June 2016)