What we do

What we do

The governance of natural resources is the core work area of Neno. Besides its ongoing projects in the mining sector, the association plans activities in the following fields:

  • investigative studies on governance problems in the natural resource sector,
  • projects which contribute to a sensible taxation of mining activities and to a use of these public revenues, which promote the development of the country,
  • raising awareness among miners and mining communities of their rights and obligations,
  • demilitarization of mines occupied by military forces,
  • activities to curb the corruption of companies and government agencies.

Next to the collaboration with civil society organizations, Neno also supports individual activists that fight for democracy and the respect of human rights.

To make a step towards the promotion of peace and diversity, Neno is also active in cultural activities and projects. It is Neno’s concern to counter the negatively connoted medial representation of the DR Congo and to focus on the cultural wealth and diversity of the country and its people.

Please find completed activities here.