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Report on conflict gold from DR Congo and the role of Switzerland in the international gold market

On 26.08.2018 the mostread Swiss weekly newspaper SonntagsBlick has published an article on gold mining from conflict zones in eastern DR Congo. The article highlights the pathway of this gold into international supply chains and the role of Switzerland in the gold market. The article is the result of a collaboration between Neno and the journalist Cyrill Pinto.

Read the article and the comment  (in German)


Nomination of the journalist Solange Lusiko († 2018) for the Anne Klein Prize

In autumn 2016, Neno nominated the Congolese journalist Solange Lusiku († 2018) for the 2017 Anne Klein Prize from the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

Despite the constant threats, the courageous journalist reported in her newspaper “Le Souverain” about the miseries of Congolese politics and advocated for women’s rights.

Solange Lusiku in her office in Bukavu, DRC (September 2016)

While, Solange did not receive the 2017 Anne Klein Prize, another important African female human rights activist, the South African Nomarussia Bonase, won. Neno congratulates Nomarussia Bonase for the prize and her restless commitment to women rights in South Africa.

Here you can find out more about the late Solange Lusiku and her work: